Welcome Tradebank Canada

Posted by East Mountain Baseball Association on Apr 17 2017 at 10:45AM PDT

Tradebank is Canada’s oldest, largest and fastest growing multi-directional barter exchange. Since our inception in September of 1996, we have added over 3,000 member businesses in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our team helps our clients generate over one million dollars in new revenue every month.
We broker the day-to-day trading of over 1,500 members in the Golden Horseshoe directly out of our Corporate Office in Stoney Creek, Ontario. The other 1,500 members are brokered from franchised locations. We continue to look for new franchisees in markets that currently do not have a Tradebank presence.
Tradebank will help businesses within Canada become more profitable by providing them exceptional trade management services and educating them on how to improve their bottom line by using trade.
We will be recognized as Canada’s national barter network by bridging every marketplace in Canada with a Tradebank presence, thereby creating Canada’s largest private business to business economy.

As always… Let’s support those who support us.


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