Closure Notifications

Posted by East Mountain Baseball Association on May 29 2017 at 12:30PM PDT

In the interest of ensuring everyone has access to the most up to date notifications on fields, I wanted to let everyone know that they can subscribe to the HDBA website for updates. Generally they wait until after 4 to post. If you go on the left hand side you will see “join our email list”. You should then get updates. As well, you can subscribe to the city of Hamilton Twitter feed. Any time diamonds or fields are closed they tend to post to Twitter. We will continue to post on FB & send out mass emails but wanted to give you as many options to get the info in a timely manner.

Also – here is the City’s web page regarding the field policy:

Goes without saying we are just as frustrated as all of you and our players that mother nature continues to cause these cancellations. However, we will continue to be patient and always abide with the city’s decisions.

Hopefully games resume tomorrow.



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